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RAY OF LIGHT (Numbered Limited Ed. US VHS Video)
A CERTAIN SACRIFICE stars a then unknow 20 year old Madonna. She plays Bruna, who is raped at a restaurant and seeks revange. Filmed in 1979, this movie was later released in 1985 on video. (60 min.) OUT OF PRINT
MADONNA and SEAN PENN are after Opium... Neither of them are proud of this movie. It's just plain awful, but MADONNA is in it. She's always a pleasure to watch. (93 min) OUT OF PRINT
MADONNA, Matt Dillon and Randy Quaid star in this 1989 film. MADONNA also sings in this movie. OUT OF PRINT  
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Format: Paperback, 346pp.
ISBN: 0028649729
Publisher: Schirmer Books
Pub. Date: January  1999
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